Australia's professional spiritual transformational facilitator

At Touching Light, Peaches Land has been working with spiritual Alchymie and products for over 17 years. As a professional spiritual nourishment guide, Peaches began by feeling the profound change and transformation in her life after using energies. She decided to become an independent distributor for Hermes Far Eastern Shining to support others on their spiritual journey.

Peaches’ passion

“What I have come to know is the key attribute of this work is that it allows the potential for great numbers of people to receive support in their daily life and be aided in their own Awakening process. You are supported to Awaken your own Heart’s Intelligence and intuition on a far deeper level and release the programme of stress in your chemistry. This offering is vastly different from most current and historical pursuits of spiritual enlightenment or transformation, which usually require gatherings, strict practices or the guru/devotee relationship. I feel that you will truly be delighted with all that this work offers for your own growth on whatever level you choose. Feel empowered, feel the awakening of your own intuition on a real level and feel your Heart’s intuition.” 

– Peaches Land


Peaches offers personal sessions, workshops/seminars and smaller groups to provide education and energies to achieve your own real transformation and become one with the divine. Her passion is working with women, empowering them to release the wound of karmic degradation and suffering to awaken as the female ‘alive as consciousness’ and ultimately happiness. Peaches has the capacity to intuit the most suitable Energy Products for your transformation from 100's of unique Energies to use within your Personal Consultation.

Where Peaches works

Peaches offers consultations and group work, currently working in Sydney from Avalon and also offers a Mobile Service where required. Peaches also spends time in Europe and the USA teaching and doing seminar work as well as introducing products in Japan and India.


Peaches has to be one of the most generous people on the planet! Her knowledge, time and energy are readily available, and whole-heartedly shared with all who need it. She is mature, worldly and insightful, and is a perfect person to guide others on their journey through life. My first encounter with the Hermes energies was the Psychic Clearing Collection which gave me a sense of calm in a world of chaos. This was closely followed by the Venus collection which added a sense of male/female completeness, strength and an unexpected satisfaction in life. I am continually amazed at how these energies work at subtle and palpable dimensions.

- Fiona, Sydney, 2015
I have known Peaches Land now for around 3 years and in the time I have found, on a personal and spiritual level, she really is a very honorable lady and mentor. I have found that Peaches is very supportive regardless of what I’m working on, either on a personal or spiritual issue, always listens with such kindness, patience and always tries to assist solve and create a positive outcome to all situations. Over the time I’ve known Peaches I would also say that she is a good friend and I feel from a personal perspective I have started to really overcome my own blocks and fears along the way, and am living life with greater understanding and freedom.

- Sonya, Perth, 2016
Peaches was recommended by a friend when I was facing quite a bit of frustrations and uncertainties in my life. I felt like I was getting lost in my own thoughts and was seeking help to see clearer.

After my consultations with Peaches, I felt like the burden I was carrying with me was lifted. The body and mind felt lighter. My mind was calm and clearer and i was able to handle setbacks much better. I wasn’t stuck in my thoughts and did not dwell on them. I was also finding it easier to stay present and connected to myself.

- Yvonne, Sydney, 2016
I meet Peaches at an Expo and fell in love the Alchymie Products. I have found Peaches to be very helpful, supportive and encouraging, especially in assisting with my own alchymie of change. I have also attended workshops by Peaches, and found the workshops to be supportive, and increase my awareness of myself. Peaches is a wonderful teacher and have found her to be knowledgeable, encouraging and empathetic, and I always look forward to her workshop. I enjoy the comforting and supportive environment that you find at Peaches workshops.

- Jasmin, Sydney, 2016

Find out more about Peaches. Call 1300 411 343.

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