Spiritual consultations in New South Wales and around Australia

Peaches Land currently works with Touching Light Coaching throughout Sydney, providing spiritual consultations in a space that holds a special energy - a Heart of Space Centre. You can find Peaches on Tuesdays at Sydney Kinesiology, on Level 2 of 35 Clarence Street. Chat with Peaches about alternate days and venues, Australian events, group sessions and remote sessions.


Introductory session
This session gives you a basic experience of the alchymie and how it can work for you.
45 minute duration - $40 
Personal Transformative / Stargate
These sessions create a space for your own transformative process.

By engaging the energies which are felt to be most appropriate for you, you have the opportunity to release patterns and emotions that are limiting and preventing your heart Awakening on a spiritual level, which in real life means that you can live in and as happiness.

A consultation in person is facilitated by Peaches, where you receive the alchymeic energies she intuitively chooses for you. You drink the water empowered with the energies, directing and breathing them through your being. Having your hand on the stargate box enhances your receptivity, as seen in this picture. The vital life force current flows through you and can dissolve the blockages and old patterns that you hold, allowing the transformation from old to new. The new you can be radiant, liberated and dynamic!

It is that simple! Yet profound shifts occur for people in that moment and continue over time.
1 – 1.5 hours duration – $150 (depending on length of consultation)
Psychic clearing / chakra clearing and alignment
This session is an opportunity for you to release all psychic intrusion, an often unknown phenomena in our energy field. It allows us to understand how and why we may attract intrusion or why we may feel weary by everyday events. To understand the interplay of energetics around us so that we do not continue to be psychically a target for negative energetics is of great support to our everyday living.

If we work in the field of bodywork or one-on-one therapy, we may find ourselves requiring a psychic clearing often. You will be offered the tools to continue your own clearing, to be facilitated whenever and wherever you need.

The chakra alignment allows you to feel the higher vibratory current and offers a release from the blockages we build up in our energy centres.

Feel this session as a ‘service and tune up’ for our beings, allowing us to feel the benefit and clarity of a greater level of intuition and heart awakening beyond the ‘unseen’ forces that are ever present to prevent this.
1 hour duration - $125
‘Everything is Energy’

You create our own reality and bodily condition. The Octahedrons may support you in total release of the aberration and pain we have created.

Allow utter renewal for the being with the deep relaxation facilitated by this session. A ‘must have’ for those in need of ‘deep peace’ and change in their lives.

Releasing the build-up of stress and pressure in the bodily form and through the aura. This session is created to transport you into a place where real transformation can happen as you relax and allow the changes to your energy field.

This new energy tool is a remarkable new technology. It has come at a time when mankind is in great need of restoration, to lift the entire being to a higher vibratory current.

The Octahedron is the ‘seed’ of all life. This energy tool is utilised directly on the body-mind-self as a directional tool. Psychically this energy was seen to be opening new areas, chambers and spaces that have never been allowed in the contracted space of our form. The newness of this form could be seen to be under extreme pressure in the density of this earth plane, in other words such an evolved space has not yet been created. This Octahedron is part of the evolutionary reconstruction of the body-mind-self unraveling complicated energetic structures.
1 hour duration - $125
Do you want more happiness in your relationships and life? Are you and your relationships living up to your expectations?

In truth there is only energy. There is no separation. We are constantly in relationship with all beings at all times. Real relationships require that we engage all others from the disposition of love, serving and inspiring one another’s awakening to consciousness. The play of intimacy as energy is beyond any level of self or other exploitation. It is simply a ‘moral’ involvement being moved by and as our loving beyond time, allowing love as an eternal embrace.
1 – 1.5 hour duration – $125 (a block of 3 relationship sessions pre-purchased will be $300 at a 20% discount)
Life management / Business Skills
Are you in business? Do you endeavour to bring a higher level of consciousness into your life and business practice?

A session called ‘Functioning Truly in the Manifest World’ is a personalised journey into your own management skills and how they can be brought into a greater alignment with the divine, allowing your life and business to be conducted from the current of your heart. This includes finances, communication, direct marketing and inspiration.

‘All things are possible, since there is only happiness.’ Contemplate this!

This session format is also available as a workshop. Please enquire about booking your company workshop.
2 hour duration – $180 (a block of 3 life management sessions can be pre-purchased for $432 with a 20% discount)
Telephone / Skype
These sessions are different, wherein if you don’t have access to your own product, then you sit and receive the energies through the prior intelligence of divine consciousness. Where it is known that as we are all one as unity consciousness, every action is felt. Therefore, as you breathe and focus on the energies I am applying to the stargate box, they are felt and transformation can occur for you.

Prior to your session, we can communicate via email or phone, to help you understand more of what is involved.
1 hour duration - $100
3 sessions paid in advice - $240
6 sessions paid in advice - $480

Book a session with Peaches. Call 1300 411 343.

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