Spiritual guidance in New South Wales

At Touching Light Coaching in New South Wales, I believe that it is important for you to appreciate what it is that is offered. 

Firstly, please understand that no medical or psychological treatment claims are made whatsoever. The products are intended to be used as a support to your spiritual practice. If you suffer or believe you suffer from a medical or psychological condition; see your doctor. 

Secondly, what is offered has no scientific backing that would be accepted as evidence or support by government bodies. What is facilitated is a wholly esoteric matter, completely outside of conventional scientific understanding. There is no claim made that conventional worldviews provide any support for this work. This matter is between you and consciousness. Choosing your spiritual path and which of the products you will use is a matter for your heart response and intuition. When you choose to work with the products, the results which you may experience are a mystery and a wonder. People report some truly amazing things but I want to be clear that this is their experience and belief and any response is a matter between you and the divine with no interest in persuading anyone. 

This work is non-denominational and esoteric in nature. If you are looking for ‘scientific fact’, I would respectfully invite you to look elsewhere. I believe and stand behind the services that are offered. I believe that they are a true and benign blessing and I know that those who choose to work with them start a life of heart awakening and living in truth. 

I sincerely hope that you will consider your purchases and these services in the spirit they are offered: A pure invitation to know happiness and freedom in the esoteric truth of all.

For clarification on any of our services call 1300 411 343.

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