Change your life with Alchymie products

At Touching Light, we’re proud to stock and utilise Hermes Far Eastern Shining's Alchymie Products. Based in New South Wales, Touching Light Coaching helps you achieve transformation within consciousness. With a divine current witnessed as pure light, Alchymie products resonate with the intuitive heart pulse that exists within every individual.

Our products

The fragility of intuition has been dominated by the development of mindedness that has overwhelmed the heart’s intuition. Transformation is a rediscovery to allow this explosion of light to radiate. Our products are that current of awakened condition. Enfolding within the psyche brings resonance to inspire the remembrance of our own heart pulse. Supporting personal transformation, our products can be worn, carried and engaged with throughout the day. You’ll find discs, wands, pendants and more. Our products are ideal for a range of purposes, with some holding the alcyhmeic intention of purifying and restoring energetic fields, including the Energy House, Travelling Bubbler, Factaliser and Saturn Bubbler.

Ongoing support

With any purchase you receive free phone or email support wherever you are. Purchase now and delight in your accelerated personal growth.

Awaken now

Take this opportunity to find out for yourself how to awaken as a feeling being, using the Alchymie. To move beyond searching for happiness and just remember our prior condition as happiness and be that. Take this step for yourself.

Alchymie vs alchemy

The difference is that ancient alchemists transmute base metals into gold. These products are the present day living alchymie that allow us to transmute our unenlightened aspects of beings into the enlightenment of heart awakening. 
So be it!

The collections and pendants

The collections are designed as ‘portals’ of remembrance and awakening to transform different aspects of our life. They’re an inspiration to greater levels of understanding and growth. The collections consist of selected wands and discs and a small booklet containing descriptions of the energies and suggestions for their use. Each wand and disc is imbued with a specific ‘Alchymeic intention’ to help transform aspects of limitation and habitual karmic patterns that we tend to identify with. We must transcend all such limitations in order to ‘remember’ our true essence.

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